Ok... so... I think its finnihsed... now I havent been able to test this on more computers others that my own, so Im a little reluctant to put this available for download just yet... I need the help of some of you guys, more willing to help me test this on your computers. If youre willing to help me beta test the Gadget, please send me an email via the form found here http://the-x-fi-gadget.yolasite.com/contact-us.php. Please tell me a few things about your computer in the request.

1. What windows version you are running.
2. What driver pack have you got installed for your X-Fi.
3. Do you have the full Creative Software set installed on your computer.
4. Do you have Creatives THX Setup Console installed on your computer.

And then finally, once you try it out, come back and post on the blog any issues, peeves, problems, and thoughts you may have on the gadget.