The Download Section

X-Fi Sidebar Mode Changer v1.0.0.2

 - Quick fix to mute button.

X-Fi Sidebar Mode Changer.gadget X-Fi Sidebar Mode Changer.gadget
Size : 678.055 Kb
Type : gadget

Creative THX Setup Console 3.50.05 (Required to be installed for the gadget to change speaker settings correctly)

CreativeTHXConsole_3_50_05.part1.rar CreativeTHXConsole_3_50_05.part1.rar
Size : 10742.188 Kb
Type : rar
CreativeTHXConsole_3_50_05.part2.rar CreativeTHXConsole_3_50_05.part2.rar
Size : 10564.922 Kb
Type : rar

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